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The Story of Meadow View Manor

M. M. Williams: A Little Falls Pioneer

This majestic mansion, originally known as Meadow View, was built in 1887 by the reputable M. M. Williams.  Williams was involved in many successful business ventures.  Williams helped organize the Little Falls Water Power Company for the purpose of building a dam and power plant on the Mississippi River.  He was part owner of the Transcript Publishing Company and in 1889 helped organize the First National Bank of Little Falls.  He also served on the State Forestry Board and was instrumental in preserving the white pines in Pine Grove Park.  Because of Williams' success with his many ventures, he and his fellow investors were credited with transforming Little Falls from a “mere hamlet” into a prosperous manufacturing and industrial center.

M. M. Williams, date unknown

Maids and work hands cared for this property and its owners. Parties were attended by the elite of Little Falls. Now this grand estate has been restored and awaits you and your travel companions to explore its many rooms and engulf yourself in this beautiful piece of history.

MM Williams.jpg
From left to right: Mrs. Morrill, Mr. Rutgers, unidentified man,
Major Ashley Morrill, and M.M. Williams, July 4, 1893.

Meadow View, which originally covered over six hundred acres, was built as a model farm for the purpose of proving that farms could be modern in their operations.  In fact, in 1898 Williams' barn was the first in the area to have running water, and only 8 years later, it had electricity.  The farm was stocked with thoroughbred Guernsey livestock, as well as several fine horses.  

In 1889, Williams married Florence E. Bennett of Rochester, New York.  Shortly after, a little niece, Norma Williams, came to live at Meadow View, adding happiness and interest for the Williams’ and their friends until Norma's marriage in 1918.  Milton and Florence never had any children of their own.

In 1918 Mr. and Mrs. Williams moved to Minneapolis, though Williams still retained many Little Falls business connections.  The home was eventually rented out and in 1930 Mr. and Mrs. Henry Werner, the county agent moved into Meadow View.  The house has been a private residence ever since.  

In 2007, Meadow View was purchased by a Little Falls local who restored the home to much of it's former glory.  Then, in 2021, the house was purchased by the Mueller family of Little Falls.  They saw the beauty of the historic home and decided that it needed to be shared with the public.  That is why they decided to host a variety of unique events at the house, as well as open it up as a vacation rental for others to enjoy.  

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